It was the finale smack down on “Bad Girls Club.” Alicia wasn’t going out without attacking Rocky. Whose side where you on?

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  5. kena-fbabyy answered: ROCKY
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  7. 6bambi9 answered: shannnnroooockkkkk
  8. savagenationnn answered: Rocky , she got blindsided while drunk and still got beat
  9. crystalmarie1027 answered: Rocky
  10. sparklej0yb0ybait answered: alicia’s……………….
  11. cosm0pop answered: Rocky. I actually used to like Alicia, but she’s mad talk. I give the girl props for trying to fight her lol
  12. immanently answered: Rocky for sure.
  13. ari2cute answered: I on Rocky’s Tired of fake bitches on jumping shit
  14. royalty4ever answered: Rocky…..And my girl won that fight even though it was a surprise attack:)
  15. mrs-whoran answered: TEAM ROCKY FO’SHO
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    rocky all day
  17. earth2esha answered: team rocky!
  18. rhetoricalanimals answered: Rocky, Alicia started this whole thing by jumping into Nancy’s battle Rocky would have fought one of them eventually
  19. brightlightssmallworld answered: rocky, alicia is a straight punk she got her ass whooped bwahah
  20. ex0ticbeautyxo answered: Rocky
  21. sittingonyourface answered: ROCKY!!!!
  22. atribecalledj answered: rocky
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  24. jonathaanr answered: rocccccccccky
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